Hi guys, I’m a blogger in training.  Mostly I write about food because that’s my passion, but on times I may write about travel (mostly to do with food though).  

Aside from the blog, I’m a mother, wife and worker. I work full time and when I’m not in work it becomes all about the family. 

I love cooking and trying new foods, however, the last coupe of years have taken me away from that due to other commitments.  As a result, food became a chore and boring.  I’ve never been one for take-aways too much or convenience food, but they definitely featured in part of my week.  I decided to change that last year and make my own take-aways or as I like to call them “fake-aways” 🤗, and so my journey began.  

I started with the Hairy Bikers (Hairy Dieters) book as they were recommended by a friend.  Here I found some great ‘fake-away’ recipes which I still use every week, two of my favourites being the Low-cal Chicken Tikka Curry and Doner Kebabs.

So, what’s my mission?

To find healthy, taisty and satisfying recipients to get the taste buds going and to make sure that food isn’t boring ever again!  There are the odd indulgent recipients thrown in because life is about variety and being a ‘goody two shoes’ all the time isn’t fun (not in my mind anyway, not sure what they says about me!).

I hope you enjoy what I find and give some of the recipes a go! Be sure to tell me if you have though, I’d love to hear from you 😉. 

Oh yes, I forgot to say that I’m deeply influenced by Italian cuisine! 😍 🇮🇹. That will become obvious quite quickly!  Also by my root (in Wales) and my grandmothers cooking which has been such a big influence on me, she was a FAB cook 😊.


A x


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