Breakfast the Continental way!

This is not so much of a recipe but a road map to a great breakfast or brunch.  Ever since I was a child, I always enjoyed staying at hotels, not because it meat we were on holiday, but because breakfast always seemed so much fun!  Not quite sure what that says about me! Anyway, moving on quickly!

I still love the experience to this day. I will always make sure breakfast is included, whether it invokes memories of childhood or just satisfies my love of food, I can’t be missed. 

My daughter and I usually find ourselves having an overnight stay in London twice a year and I always book the Hilton in Olympia.  Two reason, one its close to the exhibition centre (which is usually what’s taken us there) and secondly, their continental breakfast is second to none! Really, it is that good.  If your ever get a chance, go there, you will not be disappointed!

So, here’s my take on a continental breakfast, the must haves. The only thing missing from the table picture were the bacon, sausage and eggs and that’s because they were still in the pan cooking. I can promise you, we did eat them later 😉.

Another thing I’ve been loving using recently is my food plank, I put everything on it, in fact I have two.  The one in this picture which is long and slim and another which is also long but much wider. That you’ll see in an upcoming post. They are really heavy Oak boards, soooooo fantastic to use and fab looking!

I digress over boards (but they are lovely 😊).  So, down to the breakfast business. 

  1. Tea, English Breakfast – a given!
  2. Coffee, just out of shot – My husbands Fav!
  3. Juice, orange for us but you decide.
  4. Cheese – I used Bavarian Smoked & Emmental, works really nice in the croissants. 
  5. Italian meats – Salami Milano and Mortadella, you could also use prosciutto. 
  6. The essential Jam, I used Raspberry and English marmalade
  7. French pastries – Pain au chocolat, Croissants and Cinnamon & raisin swirls.
  8. Granola & Greek yogurt (yogurt out of shot too, the wait for food must have been too much!)
  9. Fresh fruit – I used Figs, Strawberries and grapes because that’s what I had.

As mentioned previously, this was also followed by bacon, sausage, egg and pan roasted tomatoes.  This is definitely more of a brunch than a breakfast! This is a great way to spend a Saturday morning with the family – eating, talking, laughing and planning your weekend!  Guaranteed to keep you going until dinner and making great memories along the way 💫


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  1. Wow if this picture doesn’t make your mouth water then I don’t know what will! Can’t wait to make my own version of this on the weekend!

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