New beginnings 

As we stand on the eve of a new year, you can’t help but reflect on the past and wonder how you got here!  I’ve had an interesting year, full of ups and downs, hopes and dreams, and thoughts of what could be. I have definitely identified some pitfalls and patches of thin ice too.  With all that said, I’m optimist that 2017 can be a good year. I’ve already started laying down some foundation for a truly awesome year, all that’s left to do is ‘do it’!  Ok, deep breath, here we go……….

2017 will see me launch a business, become a blogger ( maybe a vlogger) and start on a journey of self improve, becoming a better version of me!  Ok, that looks a tall order, I even feel a little light headed as I contemplate my road ahead😕. However, I’m an ‘all or nothing’ kinda girl, so here we go!

I will be tackling and documenting the following areas: Great things never came from comfort zones

  • Weight loss,
  • Fitness,
  • Mindfulness,
  • Wellbeing, and maybe
  • Some other random stuff 🤗

These are my main areas of focus, with most of them being interconnected, the top four anyway.  I’m going to document my journey and share as many helpful ideas as I can along the way.

I’ve tried in the past to keep my plans of self improvement in my head, like a blueprint for my success. However, like all well laid plans, they are easily forgotten after a hard day at work, when that glass of red delicious wine is calling your name!

This year I’m doing it differently. I have ordered, after a lot of reasearch, my very first life planner 😊, where I will be setting my goals, planning and tracking my progress. I ordered some stickers, because I felt it should. It appears that a planner, isn’t a planner, without stickers 😏, so if you can’t beat them, join them 😂.

So, this is my first post written, and all before my planner has even arrived, go me! Lol

I hope my sense of humour isn’t too dry, I am British after all.

Thank for reading, my next post is about planning for success 🎉

A x


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